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For the sake of your wolflihood...

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4 May 1985
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My journal is basically made up of my everyday ramblings (not much happens, but hey I report on that every day, almost). I fangirl over every show I watch, I love movies--though admittedly mostly of the comic book and romantic comedy variety--I talk about writing(and sometimes how I procrastinate about it) and there are even baking pictures because I adore baking.

Me- 28 years old, now a student of whatever takes my fancy having got my degree in English, I also work as a cook for Morrisons cafe. I have a rather large collection of notebooks (a girl can never have to many!) and I love writing, both fanfics and my own works. And most importantly I am a fangirl. That will never ever change.

And baking is totally my sidekick.

I also have a fic journal- poetess_noire

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